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Proud Dealer Of Copperhead Mud Motors

We understand that it takes the best surface drive to get into unchartered territory or cut through the swamps and marshes. We are an exclusive dealer for Copperhead Mud Motors and firmly believe they are the best in their class. Read more below to discover your options. These mud motors are a great addition to our boats, as well as many other water craft that take the mud less traveled.

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Copperhead Mud Motors

A True Surface Drive Mud Motor

"The first surface drive motor built under 9 Horsepower. Our Mud Motors inlcude 627 cc, 23 HP V-Twin - 570 cc, 18 HP - 12 HP LCT - 7 HP Kohler. Copperhead is the first mud motor company to design and engineer a true surface drive mud motor. Light weight and powerful for those who love to hunt and fish the shallow back waters. At Copperhead we put customer service first and foremost and we understand that well done is better than well said. 

Copperhead is constantly doing research and development to bring the best products possible to our customers. Take a look at the videos and keep coming back to see what s new at Copperhead. We look forward to meeting you. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact us."

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